• Pain-o-soma 500 Tablets

    Pain-O-Soma 500 contains Carisoprodol and is used as a muscle relaxant to treat musculoskeletal pain. It is highly recommended that don’t use this drug without asking consult to a specialist.

    Product Details:

    Product Name Pain-O-Soma 500 Tablets
    Dose Form Tablets
    Strength 500mg
    Brand Name Pain-O-Soma
    Composition Carisoprodol
    Dosage As Directed By The Physician
    Gender Adult Use
    Therapeutic Classification Muscle Relaxants
    Application Medicinal Use
    Usage To Treat Muscle Injuries
    Features Relaxing Muscles, Long Lasting, No Side Effects Etc
    Packing Material Box
    Packing Size 10x10 Tablets
    Supply By Medcom Ventures
    Country Of Origin Made In India

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